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The Greatest show on NYURadio was last night!

If you was not on NYURadio then you missed out! 95% of the music played last night was hot. Some people still need to work on their Muzik, or just give it up! "It ain't for you! Everybody can't make songs, or make a freestyle sound like it's their beat! Don't waist you money on studio time! Any way, shout to the niggas I fux wit! "Felonaaaaaaaaaaay!"

Added by ALGUESSS (FELONY)/ (PIRATES) on August 17, 2011 at 10:49am — 2 Comments

A hand full of ya on here got good muzik! Im Gunnin for the wack nigg@z!

   Of course ya know NYUR been taking care of business this pass week or so. How ever, I miss em being on live. And Ima take my fustration out on the wack songs I been hearing on here. Now as ya know Im down wit one of the hottest groups underground, and main stream. Im not hearing enough of FelonyFellaz songs on hear, and toooo many wack songs on here! Ya bout to turn me into the mad rapper! Salute to those whos music I enjoy on here. Im a boss, so ima have a couple my Gz get on here…


Added by ALGUESSS (FELONY)/ (PIRATES) on August 3, 2011 at 12:47am — 2 Comments

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