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Bring Alive the Joy within Yourself with the Latest Hip-Hop Album of RealSk14 – 'This How Im Rocking'

The highness of hip-hop can never be denied. It has established its excellence with the awesome creations of the rappers. RealSk14 is one of the mostly known newbie hip-hop stars making eccentric raps with his exceptional skill. He has released his new album on Soundcloud named 'This How Im Rocking'. This album, consisting of 10 incredible hip-hop tracks, is creating a buzz across the whole world.…


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‘Come Thru’- An Energetic Club Banger Track by LvtheGreat

The true charm of hop and rap music lies in its way of presentation. However, presentation doesn’t really imply to the glitz and glamour of the art form but the attitude and the rap narration of the artists and performers as well. Hip hop music when written with perfection can be very effective because the art form is known for being creating social awareness and the voice of the Afro-American in the past. The genre has moved from only being a gritty and vicious style to something more…


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Listen to Jimmy Badd for an Extreme Music Extravaganza on Soundcloud

Hip hop and rap music evolved back in the 70s and still going strong with so many musicians singing under this genre. One such amazing musician is Jimmy Badd – the rapper and performer singing super cool songs on Soundcloud. His music is all about skilfully crafted with superb volume, depth and delicacy. The pace of the songs is quick and intense with a contrasting energy that draws you inside and attempts to impress you with well-executed music. The vibe of his track is superb with…


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‘I Glo’ Offers the Perfect Music Creation by Real N3mo for Generation Y

People are going crazy with the beautiful song “I Glo”. The song has been made by the hip hop singer Real N3mo. The song has become a hit and he has crossed all boundaries of music world to come up with…


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Enjoy the Melodious Rap Track ‘Splash’ by artist King Moza

For all music fans who thinks hip hop and rap music is only gritty and loud, beat the monotony with the exotic singles by King Moza on SoundCloud. This artist is based on Harrisonburg, Virginia and wants to become a big name in the hip hop and rap music arena. Although he is young, his music pieces does not give any signs of his amateur skills rather proves his mastery on the genre. He has stole the attention of contemporary hip hop enthusiast right from his initial releases like…


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Fill the Cup of Silence with the Musical Greatness of SinnerCliqueRec. from Soundcloud

Music can surely bring peace to your mind. Every aspect of music has its own beauty. SinnerCliqueRec. is a popular music duo of this generation. Their vibrating music can perfectly suit your mood. The instrumentation of their tracks can pull you to a whole new musical direction. Once you start listening to their tracks, you will surely be involved with their soundscape.…


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Zoe Rebel is Rocking the World Through His Latest Single ‘Da Money’

Da Money” by Zoe Rebel is creating a sensation in the music industry. This young and talented music artist from Brooklyn, New York, expresses his innovativeness and creativity through his music. His music track has become the immediate go-to track of the hip hop as well as rap lovers. His passion and dedication towards creating music makes him stand out in the crowd.…


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Witness the Charisma of Country Music with Randall Lee Richards’s Music Pieces

Every music genre is powerful and empowering in its own ways. However, there are some enticing facts about specific styles that leave lasting impressions in listeners. Country music in this respect needs special reference for this genre is not only empowering but has an exclusive quality of taking listeners’ to relive some of their bets days in life. Country music is powerful, musical and evokes deep emotion. It has made a special corner in music lovers’ hearts dwelling in every corner of…


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Get Enchanted With the Entertaining Songs by Chef eNwhY

If you are going through some bad time in life and want to make some difference, you must hear some songs. Songs are a great kind of refuge for your soul from all your worries. One star who is making people mad with his super stunning kind of song is Chef eNwhY. The specific kind lyrics and the penetrating kind of flow will remain on your mind for a longer time. The energy he has shown and the startling kind of flow. If you want to hear his amazing music, you must go to…


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Diamond Boyz’s Latest Single ‘Lil’CJ- Vibe’ Offers Fresh Musicality

Amazing music artist Diamond Boyz makes a grand entry in the music industry through his new single “Lil’ CJ- Vibe (Prod. John Dosage)”. His brand new single is taking the world by storm. He offers bold and contemporary musicality which has made a place in the favorite playlists of hip hop and rap lovers. If you are one who likes to experiment with music, you will surely enjoy listening to this new mind-blowing hip hop and rap blends of this artist. This song…


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‘Decoded Message’ New DnB Single by Versatile Music Composer Zydrunas Jonaitis

If you are awaiting a happening dance party in the coming weekend, log on to SoundCloud and groove with the thrilling music pieces by artist Zydrunas Jonaitis aka Sidz. This young artist from UK masters over Electronic Dance Music genre and its various sub genres especially Drum and Bass (DnB). The best thing about this artist is that he is very creative and although most of his tracks are only instrumental but they spread a positive vibe in the air. Some of his  widely…


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OMG Justin Aries’ Breath Taking EP Collection ‘Just An Aries Ep’ Will Amaze You

Extended Play or EP is a compilation of tracks that is fused perfectly gives birth to an amazing environment. Usually four to six songs are brought in together to create an excellent EP. While the newbie singers in the music industry are eager to achieve more fans count, OMG Justin Aries is trying to produce something really unique and unmatchable. When he was working with his new collection ‘Just An Aries Ep’, this songwriter has teamed up with some other…


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Hot Dizzy Brings Back Life with His Powerful Hip Hop Music

Hot Dizzy’s songs are very effective for everyone. He has the knowledge of combining many musical instruments and making the piece into a hit. He has already backed his name in some famous site. The chronic voice and the beautiful tuning will make you hit the dance floor. The Indianapolis born artist will give you goosebump. If you want to hear his song, you must visit…


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Real N3Mo Offers Intriguing Musicality In Hip Hop And Rap

The brand new artist Real N3Mo’s hip hop and rap music is taking the world by storm. If you are a hip and rap music fan, then you have come to the right place. His music is phenomenal as well as exciting. He combines his epic signature style, attitude and persona in his music. This music artist is not afraid to create his own brand of music. He seeks to revolutionize the music industry through his creation. This brand new music artist works hard to produce stunning and…


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Connect your Spiritual and Sensual Life with the Hip Hop Tracks of SinnerCliqueRec.

The greatness and the depth of hip hop and rap are known to all. The cultural movement made its evolution throughout all these years and made a blasting entry into the pop culture. Now, it is one of the most dominant genres in the musical world. Hip hop and rap is much more influenced by the youth of the society. And still now, hip hop is making its moves with the young rappers only. SinnerCliqueRec. is such a duo from this generation whose music spreads different…


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‘Brand New’ By Jikaay Has Perfect Kind Of Tune And Beat

The music world has changed a lot and many music stars are taking it to the next level. One such star is Jikaay who has made the awesome song “Brand New”. This song has spread its popularity all over the world. He has shown his great art of making music in this brilliant piece of…


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The Soundcloud Profile of TimmyFlameBoy is The Proof of His Musical Greatness

Hip hop is genre of exciting your body and mind with the blend of meaningful lyrics and enchanting beats. It has always been on the top of everything because of its rhythmic approach towards life. TimmyFlameBoy, also known as Timmy Flame, is one of the greatest rappers of this age. His tracks are buzzing around the most popular music streaming site Soundcloud.…


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Connect Your Spiritual And Sensual Life With The Musicality Of Hot Dizzy

Hot Dizzy is a rapper of 21st century who efficiently expresses his emotions through his raps. The tough time of his life is the inspiration of his superb tracks.

Track Name - My Hitta (Explicit) by Hot Dizzy

Please visit :…


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Postal Worker G8toron’s Podcasts Inspire and Move People

G8toron, a brave and feisty mail handler as well as public speaker, revolts against bullying in their workplace. His famous podcasts known as Postal Views have shed some light on how women and men, who works in the post office, are usually treated by their superiors. G8toron, who…


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LKO Soundwave Universal Offers Excellent Lyrical Prowess In Hip Hop Genre

If you love listening to the edgy lyrical prowess in hip hop genre, then you must tune into the new music group LKO Soundwave Universal. The artist Tony who is also known as BreezyEEzy has created a group that is full of talented singers. These artists are all passionate in creating…


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