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PHMA Music Immediate Release Executive Mission

PHMA Management recently launched their new agency with offices in Atlanta and Philadelphia. This company is a talent placement agency and offers creative consultant services; as well as music distribution services through Media Partners with Sony/Orchard. The company is owned and operated by… Continue

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New Music Video "Good Times" by Keezay Fooliano

Keezay Fooliano brings you another visual that will make you feel good. If you love the single “In The Club” by 50 cent or even Wiz Khalifa “No Sleep” with a touch of Kid Cudi “Pursuit Of Happiness” you would love Keezay Fooliano new record “Good Times” go out with some friends and drinks to get lit.

Get Connected With… Continue

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ExDizzy - "Dizzy Julius Erving" "Sosa Chamberlin" REMIX

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, ExDizzy began creating music very early in life. In 2015 ExDizzy went on to organize Yacht Club Enterprise and began releasing music under the imprint..

"Whoa", his first commercial effort was a regional success gaining Dizzy the attention of mixtape and radio DJ's alike. His unique sound, and witty… Continue

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New Single “Bad One” by Rymez

Matt Rhymes aka RYMEZ is a upcoming Hip-Hop artist from Brunswick, GA. RYMEZ had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player as a teen but being born… Continue

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New Single "No Parking Lot" by Saen ft Julius Luciano

Atlanta has produced a number of great artists and she’s nowhere near finished. Daryl “Saen” Richards is a rapper ready to raise the bar in Hip Hop. Saen, being an acronym for “Survive And End Naturally”, was born and raised in this diverse city and has seen more negativity than he had hoped to. By the age of 13 he began to write poems… Continue

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New Single "She" by OG Dozier

Currently residing in Arkansas, Dorian Dozier, aka OG Dozier has been performing since he was 14 years old in church plays in his hometown of Roanoke, VA. That… Continue

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Magassia Of Magassia Promotions

Magassia Promotions is a full-service Internet marketing agency, whether you’re looking for a local or national online marketing campaign, we have the in-house talent and experience to deliver results that is, a continually increasing flow of leads, at a continually decreasing cost per lead. Why do we… Continue

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New Music Video 4Real 4Real by Dyggz

I got the name Dyggz (pronounced Diggs)

In junior high school when I told my boy KP(still by my side today) I was going to make rap Albums that went Diamond (10 Million sales) he said u gonna have to really Dig! He started calling me Digs and the name stuck!

I was born in St Ann Bay Jamaica when I was 2 my family… Continue

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New Music Video " Everything Happens For A Reason" by White Dude

“White Dude” aka #TrappaFavoriteCracka- is a versatile lyricist combining ubiquitous concepts with original punchlines reminiscent to the days of hip-hop yesteryear . Originally from Little Havana FL home of “Calle Ocho”the famed Spanish festival. This emcee has since developed a reputation and following out of Hollywood, Fl his new home.… Continue

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New Book Reign Of Ruins by Bedly Alcide

We’ve all been hurt, that’s life, but we learn from our past and move on to be better people. We don’t start drinking every day, make an ass of ourselves in front of the whole world, and run our career into the ground. You’re out of control and it needs to stop…. She was ambitious. She wanted to do something… Continue

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4Heaven Sake is a dope artist that oozes the essence of true Hip Hop. This past Thursday on the STATIK SELEKTAH Showoff show, his single "Spear Spoke' expressed how… Continue

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