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Dive into the Deep Thoughts of Hunter with his New HipHop Single 'Distant' on Soundcloud

Hip hop and rap is the most influential one amongst all the other genres to fill your life with positivity; because this genre has dealt with the negativity of the society from its birth and the rappers has always focused on motivating the human world to stand up for their right. Hunter is also such a rapper of this generation who is trying to spread some more zeal across the universe.…


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Noa Aon is an Intriguing Musician who is Known to Create Phenomenal Tracks

If you have ever wanted to listen to incredible songs based on EDM and Dance, you must without a fail, listen to Noa Aon. This musician, DJ and music producer is a multi-talented man who is also an entrepreneur and pro-cyclist. Recently, in Soundcloud, he has released some incredible tracks that are gaining momentum at a fast rate. The songs are nothing short of EDM classics that are groovy and peppy in its way. Listen to “NoaMovement Volume 10 (Part One)” and…


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Mike Nauti Presents Freestyle Hip Hop “Love 2 Let U Know”

Mike Nauti comes up with his new track “Love 2 Let U Know” that includes excellent lyricism. The soundscape is incredibly heavy and smooth all at once. This singer has stand out the crowd with his unique musicality. The new production of this singer is superb and it creates a complete soothing atmosphere as well.…


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TyunG’s Rap Tracks on SoundCloud Proves the Commitment to The Art Form

TyunG has gone through a lot in his career right from his humble beginning in Shrevport to the glamorous position he has attained today. As a CEO of Independent label And Sum Entertainment, he is trying to come up more and more banger tracks and mixtape this New Year. Some of the tracks that portray his perfection on hip hop and rap music arena are “Fed Up”, “My Day” and many more now out on SoundCloud.…


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Relax your Mind with the Track Mixes of Noa Aon on Soundcloud

Noa Aon, himself is music, is aspiration and inspiration. The transformative music he keeps on creating will soothe your mind as well as will make you groove to the harmonic beats. Each one of his creations lets you feel that music is everywhere around you. It makes a sense of soulful connection between every living thing.…


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Enjoy the Lyrical Music Created by the Rapper Lil Flick

Lil Flick is one star who has the power to uplift your mind and body both. His music reflects reality and you will get amazed. The attractive voice and the brilliant lyrics and the format are well designed. Every release of him will make you happy.…


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Clade Shows his Creative Style of Hip Hop in his “Gummo”

“Gummo” is the great song by the super artist Clade and he is doing rounds on SoundCloud. Clade has been releasing some music which is wow for the soul and wonderful for the body. He is receiving great acclaim for his extraordinary kind of music composition. Ever impressive and the pure display of rhythm by Clade is superb. The song “Gummo” has a freestyle vibe which you will like to hear and even you will dance to it.…


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Lilmiller35 Creates Hypnotic and Mesmerising Hip Hop and Rap Songs

lilmiller35 has recently released some mind-blowing songs in the music haven of Soundcloud. His songs have a thoughtful vibe that drives fans towards his music. The colourful musicality of the songs deals with undeniable tunes. The vocals accompanying the touch of melody are considerate with conscious rap performances. Lilmiller35 has songs that have a live element with a real-time performance with a spoken word flow. The flow of the verses has an effective…


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Listen to “If” – the Alt Rock Love Ballad to Understand Your Lover in a Better Way

CP aka Chris Parker is a sound engineer as well and also an accomplished entrepreneur dealing with hardware and software products who is successful in his ventures.

Cp is also a successful musician who…


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Experience the Intangible World with “Beneath The Surface 023” by Submersive on Soundcloud

Trance is such a musical genre which gives us a kick of spirituality, an unearthly feeling. This genre is the most promising and influential one amongst any other musical genre. The wideness of trance music is really praise worthy. Submersive has made this genre deeper and beyond the boundaries of anything. He has finally released his recent episode of "Beneath The Surface" – "Beneath The Surface 023" and inviting you to be submerged with the subsonic bass line…


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Dillon Torres is Quite Famous now for his “Louie Gang”

One great hip-hop artist Dillon Torres is gaining huge popularity with his electrifying song. His professional and polite way to connect with people is just amazing. When you will start listening to his “Louie Gang”, you will be mesmerised because if the entertaining thrill and energy. The song has awesome kind of beat jamming which you will not get on any other musician’s music. The 22-year old rapper just recently came from Hollywood for a track with the…


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“Syko” by Nathan Conniry is the Mosaic of the Air Around Soundcloud

Nathan Conniry is a rapper who has been making some enchanting hip hop tracks through creating albums and trying to let people visualize the story of his life by the songs. “Syko” is a track of reality which has moved the fans on Soundcloud with its flowing and enjoyable tune.…


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Australia Born Pasika Shows his Creative Musical Foreplay in “J.U.M.P”

One talented rapper named Pasika is making a storm on the podium of SoundCloud. His great playlist “J.U.M.P” is getting worldwide recognition for the mesmeric soft tune throughput the music. The starting of the music will immediately take you in the grip because of the presence of the different instruments. Pasika always had a passion to make music but his parent’s background as a singer made him more erect in his decision.…


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Eli CBG Mesmerizes with the Best Hip Hop and Rap Tunes Like a Pro

Eli*CBG is creating some superb songs for his fans across the globe. His beautiful music scores highlights that hip hop and rap can indeed be good to listen. So, if you have an underlying desire to listen to some cool hip hop and rap music – head over to Soundcloud in Eli*CBG’s profile. The music of the songs are vibrant with a hypnotic beats that are different from one another.…


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Zayhulse X Jamci Delivers Mind-Blowing Hip Hop Musicality Through “The Menace”

If you want to listen to some edgy music, then ZayHulse x Jamci is the perfect click for you. Add this rising star in your music playlist and groove with his excellent musicality. It feels something like rock inspired and sort of melodic as well. ZayHulse x Jamci knows how to keep your energy up for hours. Tune into his new track “The Menace” that has come up with excellent success right after the release. The music begins with unmatchable beats and includes a…


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“On The Low”- A Sensation Hip Hop and Rap Track by Haydo on SoundCloud

Hayden Ralph aka Haydo breaks the monotony in hip hop and rap music with his new single “On The Low” now streaming on Soundcloud. unlike the other hip hop and rap tracks that gives much emphasis on hard hitting lyrics, gritty music and presentation, His new single is melodious and soothing and will motivate listeners who are not a diehard fan of the genre. The San Diego based artist is very versatile and his SoundCloud gallery clearly proves…


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“Better Off” Offers Fans a Progressive EDM Music Transition on Soundcloud

Electronic and Dance music is rocking each and every party in this 21st century. The songs capture the party mood offering a distinct feeling with great lyricism. One such song grooving the Soundcloud fans is “Better Off” by Kaluso. The inspiring nature of the song is grabbing audience attention and emerging as a highly energetic song. But, it has breezy lyrics with a calming backdrop.…


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“Watch” by Lil Simba is an Energetic Trap Song Available on Soundcloud

Lil Simba is a young rapper from NJ, USA who is making fans craving for more and more trap music. He has recently released a song called – “Watch” available on Soundcloud to listen and enjoy. It has a new concept, fresh melody and notably heavy musicality. The song features the familiar sound of guitars and real time drums but in a gentler way.…


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1ONEWLF Drops Some Mind-Blowing Hip Hop Beats for the Fans

1ONEWLF has picked up certain energy while releasing his music. Being an experienced musician, he has perfect knowledge of hip hop and rap. The energy infused in his songs is considered to be hopeful as well as uplifting. The rhythmic approach introduced in his songs is awesome. It sets a true example of hip hop music. The singer has presented some acoustic guitar moments through his music. The musicality is truly inspiring for the amateur…


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Enjoy “Live on House Connection” by Submersive is Playing on 90.1 FM

Music, most of the time, hits your emotional values. Even there is a musical genre giving such affect to the listeners – we call it trance music. Psytrance is the sub genre of trance music. Submersive is a pro in this genre of music. His mixes are the best choice to feel the outer world beyond the tangibles. The psychedelic vibe driven out of his…


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