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Listen to the Incredible Hit Playlist of ‘Barabass & Friends Vol. 1’ on Soundcloud

‘Barabass & Friends Vol. 1’ by Barabass Records is an amazing EDM playlist on Soundcloud. The tracks are balanced with perfect professionalism and sheer creativity that is necessary to craft a great soundscape. This playlist feels ambient with waves of synths and dashes of distant melodies that linger around the listeners for a long time. The tracks are meditative and explode continually with character and energy. All the songs are masterfully crafted yet…


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‘On the Babies’ is a Creative Musical Work by the Entertainer Road Runner

Hip hop music has become one of the smartest genres in the music industry for the new kind of flow and engaging factor. The way of communication through this genre has become high as many real element and feature are easily described through the song. One reputed star named Road Runner is making that thing true with his innovative songs. The song which has received notable…


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Sparkiam has Dropped his Excellent Musicality in New Single ‘Bat Signal’

Are you willing to listen to some latest hip hop tracks? Then, get connected with the excellent musical quality of Sparkiam and rejuvenate your mind with rhythmic beats. The vocal performance of the artist is unquestionable and also his music is unmatchable. The harmonious vocalization of the singer is praised by the listeners and other musicians of soundcloud. His mellow air of confidence has overwhelmed the mind of worldwide listeners. ‘Bat Signal’ – the…


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Flow with the Intense Musicality of ‘Sniper’ by Shanika Ezell on Soundcloud

Shanika ezell is one of the most popular aspiring musicians from this generation. He is an incredibly versatile artist making musical pieces from many a genre. His engaging vocal is what making the listeners go crazy over his artistry. ‘Sniper’ is one of his most amazing creations attracting the attention of…


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Versatile HipHop Artist Apex Drops his Debut EP “The Elevation Clause”

Apex— the new voice of the hip hop world is back with his performance in EP ‘The Elevation Clause’. Here, he has infused six tracks in total and all of them have his unpredictable rapping style. The songs explode into the new rhythmic approaches and skills created by the singer.…


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Mike Nauti is an Amazing Rapper who has Made the Song ‘Quiet Storm’

Hip hop genre is loved by people of all ages because of the positive element and the real exposure to life. Recently the famous Mike Nauti will enchant your soul with his “Quiet Storm”. The musician has made any other songs which you will like to hear. The generous kind of excitement you will receive will encourage you to hear him more and more. Mike Nauti has gained…


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Gutta Mayne - New Voice of Hip Hop is Getting Viral Amongst Fans

The young guy Gutta Mayne is all set with his new released song ‘Boss’. He had started working on music when he was only 19 years old. During these eleven years, he has catered a good experience in the world of music. At the first stage of his career, his music was liked by loads of audiences and that particular thing had encouraged him to release more tracks. The journey towards the world of music was not so smooth…


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Escape into the Rhythmic Beauty of ‘The 1st x LiveLikeDavis’ by TheRealAfterParty on Soundcloud

Being a hip-hop lover of today’s generation, you must have heard the name of TheRealAfterParty. This pro rapper crafts unique raps with efficient hands. One of his most vibrant creations is ‘The 1st x LiveLikeDavis’ which will surely captivate your mind. This track has given added richness to the official Soundcloud profile of TheRealAfterParty. Once you listen to this number, you will instantly become his…


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‘2 Side Love’ By TheRealKingFredo Delivers Amazing Hip Hop and Rap Beats

Brand new music artist TheRealKingFredo makes a grand entrance in the music industry with his latest single “2 Side Love”. This talented music artist from Florida, USA produces his own music. Though he is a newbie in the field but his work does not show any kind of imperfection. If you are craving exceptional hip hop and rap music then this music artist will not disappoint you. His music is creating frenzy among hip hop and rap…


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NOA|AON Is Back Again With A New Electrifying Track ‘NOAMOVEMENT Vol.13’

Multi-talented music artist NOA|AON is back with another magical track “NOAMOVEMENT Vol.13 (Deep House Edition)”. This unbelievably capable artist born in Europe is also an entrepreneur, public speaker and a philanthropist has dedicated his life to produce funky and incredibly inspiring progressive and transformative music which offers a life changing experience. In our fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, NOA|AON…


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Listen to Versityle aka Psychonite’s Superb Hip Hop and Rap Songs on Soundcloud

The tracks by the artist Versityle aka Psychonite on Soundcloud are better than one another. It offers a rhythmic hip hop touch to the listeners. It has an original and unusual personality that is absolutely captivating. If you are a huge fan of hip hop and rap, you must listen to this artist as his style and delivery are mind-blowing. The songs represent the modern hip hop concept in about every possible way. Not even for one moment it fails to lose your…


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‘Do You Remember....?’ - OY’s New Song Has Become Inspiration for Other Rising Singers

If hip hop has been your primary preference in the music genre, then listen to the new released song ‘Do You Remember....?’. This music is composed by the aspiring singer OY. While working on this particular track, he has teamed up with three famous names and they are B.Wills, Loud Tempo and Young Taylor. B.Wills has perfectly featured it whereas Loud Tempo and Young Taylor have produced it in an experienced manner. However,…


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“Good Days” By Moe Money Empire Brings Energetic Hip Hop And Rap Music

Brand new music artist Moe Money Empire is all set to rock the world through his latest music track “Good Days Ft StarBoy AB” . He basically focuses on hip hop and Afro-pop music genres. He is born in South Sudan in Africa but moved to America at a very early age. His love and passion towards music will enable him to reach the zenith of success in the music industry.…


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Diffuse All Your Tension with ‘Low Blow$’ by Nothing Special

Hip-hop and rap can throw away the dark night from your life and lead you to the bright side of life. This genre can give inspiration to live more. Nothing Special is one of the most vibrant rapper of this time. His brand new released on Soundcloud ‘Low Blow$’ will blow your mind. This track, itself, is filled up with cultural art.…


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Sparkle your Life with the Brightness of ‘J-Man – Representin tha c.p.t.’ by Julian Murphy

Hip-hop and rap has been the most influential genre of all time. The real life attitude of this genre makes it different from the others. Hip-hop always contains prominent beats to make you groove with. Julian Murphy is a newbie star in the world of hip-hop and rap. He has a unique style of rapping which has made him a popular name in a few times.…


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Randall Lee Richards will Make you to Dance to his ‘I can’t Remember to Forget you’

Randall Lee Richards is a great artist who is doing rounds everywhere specially at SoundCloud. He is all the way from Nashville, United States and will make you purify your heart and mind. He has always wanted to make his name in the music industry and he does so. He has achieved fame as a songwriter and has recorded about 100 times all around the world. One of his songs which you cannot forget is “I can’t remember to forget…


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Release Yourself from the Tyranny of Life with the Rapping of KiddWorthyy 34TH

Hip-hop and rap has always been giving the world positive vibes. And it never fails to do so. Hip-hop inspires, motivates and entertains the world with its groovy engaging beats. KiddWorthyy 34TH is one of the greatest positive vibe makers with hip-hop. His vocal tone will surely entice your mind. He is always ready to overwhelm and thrive the music industry.…


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Singers of Sinner Clique Rec. Drops Another Mind-Blowing Single '1818 (Intro)’

Are you a music enthusiast? In that case, you must be looking for some best releases that can soothe you mood at leisure time. Well, Sinner Clique Rec. is preparing to entertain their audiences with back-to-back new tracks. They has delivered excellent classic feel throughout their new single ‘1818 (Intro)’. The track has showcased huge touch of depth. If you go melodically, then you will find that this music has a lot to offer…


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Project Playlist’s ‘Up Next’ Brings Refreshing New Hip Hop and Rap Beats

Project Playlist’s brand new single “Up next” offers a new spin on hip hop and rap music genre. It is a perfect combination of originality, creativity and individuality. He displays the epic skill of bringing two different music genres together and creating musical masterpiece. His music contains all the necessary elements of hip hop and rap music. It gets you in a party mood. If you are a huge fan of new and unique hip hop and…


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Hot Dizzy – the New Name is Creating Craze with Hard-Hitting Hip Hop

While the singers are willing to creating some new tracks, Hot Dizzy is concentrating on the hip hop genre in order to add a new direction to it. His originality and uniqueness is delivered clearly throughout the lyricism of all new tracks. This young singer has promised himself to set Indianapolis on the map and therefore he is always trying to give his music a new level. Hot Dizzy wants to make something that will cheer you…


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