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Enjoy DJ Ko’s Deep House Skills in New Track ‘Rememberances’

Rising star DJ Ko has created an amazing ambience by releasing some outstanding tracks. The backdrop of his new music ‘…


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Find the Secret of Euphoria with Brett Beagle's New Single ‘Lost & Found’

Music, being an art form, spreads positivity into the human lives. It brings both refreshment and relaxation together. Electronic music gives the best soulful feeling. Brett…


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Bring Refreshment into Your Life with ‘Bussin Wrappers’ by BGK or Bad Girl Kimoe

Hip-hop and rap is not just a musical genre. It has become the lifeline for many. The creations of this genre have always been inspiring the society. And the rappers, themselves, are the inspiration. …


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‘Eiffel’ is One of the Popular Song Composed by Smoov Bully

The rapper cum singer Smoov Bully has emerged with his playful “Eiffel”. The song is fresh and original with the sensational…


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Haydo has Made his Mark in the Music Industry with the Smashing Success of ‘On The Low’

Brand new music sensation Hayden Ralph a.k.a Haydo from San Diego, USA, releases his latest single ‘On the Low (Prod Haydo)’ which is driving the music fans crazy. The amazing vocal performance in his…


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Feel the Pumping Beats of Kid Reil’s HipHop Bangers

Young and talented artist Kid Reil is all set with range of exotic hip hop singles. His tuff attitude and flawless rapping reflects his mastery on hip hop genre.

Artist Kid Reil is very optimistic in…


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Lilmiller35’s HipHop and Rap Music will Set You on Fire

If you are a huge fan of eclectic hip hop and rap music, then Lilmiller35 is the one for you. His music will get you hooked and creating frenzy on the gala.

Stream 'Cash x Love'…


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DJ Aakashm’s Song ‘Valentines Day Mix Monday Special’ is Mind Blowing

If you love EDM music, then DJ Aakashm’s music is what you are looking for. His song “Valentines Day Mix Monday Special” will get you on the dance floor.

Stream “Valentines Day Mix Monday…


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Groove with the Zesty Beats of HipHop Singles by Rap Duo SinerCliqueRec

Cutting edge rapping style, groovy beats and excellent co-ordination are not enough terms to define SinerCliqueRec, the Miami based hip hop and rap duo on SoundCloud. The two wings of the label Steez and TKO are individually talented and possess all the…


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Enjoy the Trippy Feeling with the Musicality of ‘KtsTrey No Hook’ by KTS TREY

Hip hop and rap has always been such a musical genre which contributes a lot to the society. The deep rooted message from raps can inspire change in the society. The rappers are the ones who skillfully do this in a casual approach. …


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‘VISIONS’ The Gateway to Tune Ten Amazing Motivating Tracks by Doc Jones

Talented hip hop artist Doc Jones is back with his new album “VISIONS” on SoundCloud. This album is loaded with ten motivational tracks that will empower listeners.

Stream “VISIONS”…


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The Great Rapper Mike Nauti will Amaze You with his Heavenly Songs

Talented artist Mike Nauti will take away your breath with his highly penetrating music. You will enjoy listening to his songs like crazy. He is famous all around.

Mike Nauti is a young star who is making…


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Nu Wav Dre will Hypnotize Your Soul with his “Step Out”

Nu Wav Dre has a unique way to make his song which is crazy. You will like to hear his remarkable rap song “Step Out” and it is on the site SoundCloud.

The stunning vocal and the electrifying…


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Motivate Yourself for the Wellness of Nature with BICICLETAS POR LA PAZ’s Tracks on Soundcloud

BICICLETAS POR LA PAZ is one of the most expressive and passionate of this generation. Listen to their moving tracks on Soundcloud to find the serenity within you.

One of the most successful groups of musicians…


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The Perfection of Harmony has Reached its Height with “Froze” by Louie Lone

Rapper Louie Lone has toiled all his life for making a worthwhile entry into the industry. “Froze”, on Soundcloud, has taken him a step forward towards that success.

Stream “Froze”…


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Listen to Moses for an Amazing HipHop Rhythm Extravaganza

In Soundcloud, Moses is making his fans groove to his hip hop and rap beats. His songs are comprised of great tunes, which have the ability to make fans groove.

In this Christmas season, Moses’ songs present the perfect hits for party goers to play. Structurally, the track evolves in a powerful way and…


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Papi Versace’s “Vince Carter” has the Perfect Essentials of HipHop

Papi Versace has created the track “Vince Carter!” in order to hail the God of dunks in basketball. This track has created a buzz in the musical site Soundcloud.

Stream “Vince Carter!” by Papi Versace on Soundcloud here:…


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“What I Have in Stock” - VandyBeatZ’s Exclusive HipHop Beat is Worth Listening

VandyBeatZ is creating buzz with new musical mix “What I Have in Stock”. Music enthusiasts now listen to his new creation to groove with brilliant rhythmic blend.

Stream “What I Have in Stock” by VandyBeatZ on Soundcloud here:…


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Corey Mc Monsta Mills is Gaining Good Response for HipHop Mix “Is Gold”

Corey Mc Monsta Mills is offering his listeners with a good number of songs count. However, hip hop music Is Gold is one of the best…


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“They Dont Know Me” is an Amazing R&B Infused HipHop Track by MJ AKA KC

MJ AKA KC makes unique kind of hip hop music that you will like to hear. You will find the reputed artist on Soundcloud, which is the hub for many genres of music. …


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