AF-Toddy grew up in Fresno California music has always played a big part of his life since he was a kid he remembers his father & friends blasting Whoodini,Curtis blow,Grandmaster flash,RunDMC,NWA,E-40,Spice1 just 2 name a few and after that he was hooked to Hiphop.His father would have all kinds of music laying around and toddy being a lil kid would listen to the tapes and be amazed of the things they were talking about,as a young kid he could relate to most of it.He was young tagging along with his father and family members they were tied up in the street life so he witnessed it threw his own to eyes and threw the music.

As a young kid toddy always wonted to be like Micheal Jordan he loved playing sports and thats what he wonted to be a sports star. He started writing his own lyrices down in 1998 .When he was a freshman in High school toddy started on his freshman basketball team for half of the season due to bad grades he was kicked off the team thats when music took the front seat and basketball became a hobby.Toddy found solace in music an began writing rhymes to escape the streets and every thing that came with it, music kept him out of trouble and kept him dreaming and fighting for something. He would witness first hand his people being lost to the streets. Family members being murdered and going to alot of funerals,family and friends going to prison, friends that he would go to school with some were strung out on drugs,some dead beat fathers,homeless,thats were he gets alot of his motivation from.He has put out 7 mixtapes and 1 album that he put out his self and when it comes to music he is a super hard worker writing music come easy to him its in his blood,its his Religion, after raping for so long he still hasnt made it yet but threw everything the ups and the downs he never gave his dream up and he is still at it.

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