Alone we fall, Together we all rise. Just read once, the message is too true!

For a community of true artists spreading their messages in every way they can, there is no room for hate. 

If you don't like someones music, change the channel/stream/etc.

Theres no need to continuously diss someone over and over thinking you're accomplishing anything other than looking like a dick.

No houses roof, the TOP, ever got there just by being a roof.

It takes a team lay a foundation, build walls STRONG ENOUGH TO SUPPORT, and then finally with enough people to ensure all goes well, the roof is carefully constructed, then secured.

Were all past the foundation laying but we are still all walls, we need that "roof" and we'll get it, but only with the help and support of others, not by being selfish or full of hate and saying I'm doing this alone.

Because what will happen? That roof will cave in and youll be left with nothing but a foundation.

Lets all come together and not only rise to the top, but raise the bar.

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