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Breaking Free –

Breaking Free is the debut single off of Michael Blaide’s first album “Out The Ying Yang LP”. This song feature’s longtime friend and fellow NJ recording artist Lauren D. This track was inspired and written by the struggles Blaide experienced in his youth with a message to those listening that, you’re not a lone and can make the decision to pull yourselves above it all. The arranger of the piece is Jayson Holley of Speed Demons Entertainment.


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Born and raised in NJ, Blaide began his entertainment career at 18 as a Professional Wrestler. Having participated in Theatre, Music and the Arts at Fort Lee High School, as well as studying Television Production at Monmouth University, Blaide found the beginnings of his career to be a natural fit. His vision was born and while the vehicle and execution as evolved, grown and changed over the years – the direction of providing family fun entertainment while giving back to the community has never faltered or quit.

Utilizing a background in hip hop dance, Blaide began working as dance teacher part time. Through training with elite dancers and studying from teachers across NY and NJ, Blaide found himself working as a choreographer and performance coach.

The pieces of the puzzle would continue to align, while Blaide takes a break from competing in wrestling to learn more about running a nonprofit organization and continuing to build momentum within the Entertainment and Music industry. Jayson Holly, of Speed Demons Entertainment, would give Michael Blaide an opportunity to be a feature on his single, “Zoom Zoom”. The two would click and bond after the project finished completion and future work was planned. Thanks to a coordinated effort, a dual LP “Out The Ying Yang” will be released March 2018.

With the completion of their LP, a stable and recognizable brand (Join The Pack) and a network of individuals ready to lend their tools, skills and time, Michael Blaide moves into the final preparations of building his nonprofit dream and begins training to compete once again in Professional Wrestling before the end of 2018. It has been a long and steady journey with many successes and pitfalls along the way, but now more than ever, the future looks bright as Michael Blaide branches out across the Entertainment and Music Industry to create a platform that will allow independent artists to hone their skills, gain new fans and above all, give back to the communities in which they perform.


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