‘Do You Remember....?’ - OY’s New Song Has Become Inspiration for Other Rising Singers

If hip hop has been your primary preference in the music genre, then listen to the new released song ‘Do You Remember....?’. This music is composed by the aspiring singer OY. While working on this particular track, he has teamed up with three famous names and they are B.Wills, Loud Tempo and Young Taylor. B.Wills has perfectly featured it whereas Loud Tempo and Young Taylor have produced it in an experienced manner. However, OY dreams something high. He not only wishes to hook more audiences for his musical blends, but also, wants to be named under the famous music personalities.

His performance in the song ‘Do You Remember....?’ is on point. No matter how your mood is, you will love tuning into this lively hip hop music. It makes you groovy and tends your mood towards partying. The unique lyrical prowess will set the perfect mood for the listeners as well. Also, you will get the modern day soundscape delivered throughout this recent single of OY. According to the prediction of other renowned producers in soundcloud, whatever comes next from this rising star will definitely become a mind-blowing hit. Besides, you will love the charming personality of this singer and his vocal performance will capture your mind forever.

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