Don-Yen’s Hip Hop Beats is creating an Energetic Ambience

A music enthusiast always wants to hear some exclusive beats. Soundcloud has brought the opportunity to enjoy back-to-back new tracks based on different genres. This music streaming site has already received a good number of singers’ count for the past few years. Recently, Don-Yen the new face of hip hop music has grown up good followers’ base here. This crazy young man is ready to entertain his listeners with back-to-back new tracks. His in-depth knowledge and skills in hip hop genre has marked him as one of the most reputed amateur singers in soundcloud.

Don-Yen delves into anything that helps to bring out the artistry in him. This musician is expanding his style and creativity through hip hop tracks. Using his lyrics and god-gifted talent, Don-Yen has captured the heart of thousands in soundcloud. Incorporating his unique rapping style, he wants to shock the world with a sound that people have never heard before. “Boss Remix”, “Look At Me”, “Time”, “Waves” and “Running” etc. are worth listening. The music of this singer stretches his music beyond industry’s limitation. The songs of Don-Yen have all sorts of hip hop elements. Moreover, the vocal performance adds another feather to the hat of Don-Yen.

This new rockstar Don-Yen stands out the crowd with his new releases music. He is an example of motivation for the worldwide amateur rappers. The songs of this young singer are hit with a lot of plays count, comments and likes. Performing in stage, composing new songs and uploading the tracks on soundcloud – these are the three things that rule in Don-Yen’s life. Well, he has collected good appreciation from the worldwide listeners and fans. From twitter to instagram – you can get this new rapper everywhere in social media. Also, fans are now able to watch music videos of Don-Yen in youtube.

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