M.M.R.K. MIGHT NEED SPELL CORRECTION'S?: FOR EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD: I'm against violence & drugs. I hope for deal's: CreAtEr MUSIC MUSICer: Charles: Information: M.M.R.K. is my foundation. When it comes to energy music you also can create your own energy title's, musician name's & alias's.: Don't take music energy personal, it's just a business.: Feel free to make website's, webpage's, blog's, post's, e-mail's, flyer's, translation's, business's, etc.:
MUSIC Music Remembrance Kit: Initials Code: M.M.R.K.: CreAtOr: Meaning: How to become a music musician. Definition: Description of musicenergy.: Four MUSIC Musician Titles: (1) One Music Musician Title: (2) One LETTERS Music Musician Title: (3) One Background Music Music Musician Title: (4) One Music Player Music Musician Title: Four MUSIC Musician Titles: Title Number: 1.: Music Musician Title: MUSIC MUSICer: I.C.: E.E., & Double-E: All four energy musician titles are also called music musicer.: Dfn: A music musicer who first choice is to make musician music which is called musicer music.: T.N.: 2.: Letters Music Musician Title: Alphabet MUSIC MUSICer: I.C.: A.M.M., & A.Double-M: A MUSIC MUSICer who first choice is to make musician music letters which is called MUSICer MUSIC alphabet.: T.N.: 3.: Background Music Music Musician Title: Bop MUSIC MUSICer: I.C.: B.M.M., & B.Double-M: Dfn: A MUSIC MUSICer who first choice is to make musician music background music which is called MUSICer MUSIC bop.: T.N.: 4.: Music Player Music Musician Title: Sound MUSIC MUSICer: I.C.: S.M.M., & S.Double-M: Dfnn: A MUSIC MUSICer who first choice is to play musician music music player which is called MUSICer MUSIC sound.: SIX ENERGY MUSIC TITLES: EXAMPLE: TITLE-WORD-MUSIC: TITLEWORDMUSIC: 1. Songbacking Music Title: Title-Songbacking-MUSIC: TitlesongbackinMUSIC: Dfn: MUSICsongbackingtitle. Examples: for people to know song name, repeating it, etc. 2. Music Background Music Title: tittle-backing-MUSIC: TitlebackingMUSIC: Dfn: MUSICbackingtitle. 2. MUSIC FOR YOUR MUSIC.: 3. Background Music Music Title: Title-Background-Music-MUSIC: TitlebackgroundMUSIC: Dfn: MUSICbackgroundtitle.: 4. Maker MUSIC Title: Title-Maker-MUSIC: TitlemakerMUSIC: Dfn: MUSIC For people to know the maker's of the MUSIC.: 5. Music Music Title: Title-music-MUSIC: TitlemusicMUSIC: MUSICmusictitle. 6. FREESPACE MUSIC TITLE: Title-freespace-MUSIC: TitlefreespaceMUSIC: MUSICfreespacetitle.: ONE MUSIC TITLE MUSIC: 1. FREESPACE TITLE MUSIC: MUSIC-free-space-title: MUSICfreespacetitle: Dfn: TitlefreespaceMUSIC. Profile: CREATORTitle: CreAtEr: MUSICMusicianTitle: MUSIC MUSICer: MUSIC Musician Name: First: ChaRLES: Birthland: Mount Vernon, Westchester County, New York, USA: Description: I made, & created my own music in my childhood. My music style was inspired by the first letter of name C.


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