Enjoy Billy Quach’s Soothing EDM Track “Prixm” In SoundCloud

Electronic dance music producer Billy Quach has launched his new music “Prixm” in soundcloud. This artist has introduced an amazing lyrical prowess through his music. The new composition of this rockstar will attract numerous fans. Billy Quach has introduced stirring effect through the music. This young and passionate singer is a well-known public figure who is famous as a producer. Also, he will entertain the audience with his amazing beats. Billy Quach hails from Ho Chi Minh City and wishes to set a new direction for EDM genre. The singer has started his journey in the world of music when he was at his tender age of sixteen. Gradually, Billy Quach has developed good knowledge in Electronic music genre.

Social media has witnessed a good fan base of this rising star. He has been producing songs since 2015 when he didn’t have any professional equipment. The only thing he had in his support was – his macbook. “Prixm” is really soothing to ears and Billy Quach wishes to draw more attention of worldwide listeners through this new single. The song is comprised of unmatchable beats along with snappy snares. The breakdowns, variations and quirky articulation of rhythm are nicely introduced in this song. Billy Quach knows how to make people stay tuned for long hours. His magical rhythm-verse mix will make you go crazy for a while.

The instrumental blend is worth praising. One will tune into this song in repetition as well. If you are diehard EDM fan, then you must listen to Billy Quach in soundcloud. His motif is to follow the dreams and never quit. Apart from this music streaming site, he is also available in various social sites like – facebook, instagram and twitter. Moreover, fans can visit his newly launched website billyquach.com to know more about his next releases.

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