Experience the Intangible World with “Beneath The Surface 023” by Submersive on Soundcloud

Trance is such a musical genre which gives us a kick of spirituality, an unearthly feeling. This genre is the most promising and influential one amongst any other musical genre. The wideness of trance music is really praise worthy. Submersive has made this genre deeper and beyond the boundaries of anything. He has finally released his recent episode of "Beneath The Surface" – "Beneath The Surface 023" and inviting you to be submerged with the subsonic bass line of his music.

The magic of "Beneath The Surface" goes on with Submersive's recent release ftnai "Beneath The Surface 023". The melodious and the freedom of music of this series have given them a special appeal. Submersive has been rocking the dance floors with his powerhouse anthems of progressive trance and psytrance. Music can take you to the journey of another world away from the tangible things around. "Beneath The Surface 023" has been drenching listeners in a trippy hypnotic experience.

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