Fans Consider Houston Blake’s “Good Sex” as an Unforgettable Hit

“Good Sex” has a classic hip hop vibe that is bright with unique vocal rhythm and style. The musical backdrop of the song has notable hooks and attention-grabbing music. In short, it’s a feel good song about the most passionate time of your life. The songwriting by Houston Blake takes control of the whole situation and offers a genuine feel to the musicality and ideas of the artist. Houston Blake aka Houston McNeal offers elements of poetry, emotion and nostalgia in all his songs. The music varies from jazz café style to passion evoking hip hop and rap. His song, “Good Sex” shines brightly and continues to bring him fame.

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The vocal effect of the song “Good Sex” has a fairly unusual sound that is quite classy. In the song, Houston Blake’s voice is mellow and smooth with a rhythmic touch to it. The words, lines and performances you notice in the song are all done by Houston. He is a multi-talented artist with the best quality of voice which makes his song appealing. The effect of the sounds actually works as it is easy-going and recognized as offbeat. If you want to enjoy the magic of hip hop mixed with the element of romance, listen to “Good Sex”.

The silent moments and expressions make the track – “Good Sex” absolutely enjoyable. It stirs in the artist’s expressions and characters in an enjoying and nostalgic way. It is fresh! Fans would instantly notice the hot vibe and start picking up the beats. It is an upbeat album which bounds fans to dig deeper and listen to the song – “Good Sex”.

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