Find the Secret of Euphoria with Brett Beagle's New Single ‘Lost & Found’

Music, being an art form, spreads positivity into the human lives. It brings both refreshment and relaxation together. Electronic music gives the best soulful feeling. Brett Beagle is one of the most popularly known newbie electronic musician. His musical pieces evoke human emotions to a new level. All your stress will flow away with the creative musicality of Brett Beagle.

His new EP is ‘Playing Pretend (EP)’ which has been released officially on the Soundcloud profile of Brett Beagle. This instrumental extended play has become the top choice for all the electronic music lovers. In EP ‘Playing Pretend’ the starting tracks are ‘Lost & Found’, ‘Take a Step’ to ‘My Favourite Colours’ – will mesmerize your inner soul. The symphonic wave from all the 6 tracks will bring a new dimension into your routined life.

The rhythmic elements of Lost & Found have been organized in a great way by Brett Beagle. The creativity of this musician can be felt instantly once you listen to this extended play. The energetic flow of the tracks is filling up the listeners with positive vibes. This EP will keep you hooked up with the official Soundcloud profile of Brett Beagle and it will keep on lingering into your ears.

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