“Good Days” By Moe Money Empire Brings Energetic Hip Hop And Rap Music

Brand new music artist Moe Money Empire is all set to rock the world through his latest music track “Good Days Ft StarBoy AB” . He basically focuses on hip hop and Afro-pop music genres. He is born in South Sudan in Africa but moved to America at a very early age. His love and passion towards music will enable him to reach the zenith of success in the music industry. The originality and individuality in his music make his song stand out in the crowd. His music captures all the essential elements of both hip hop and rap music genre.

“Good Days Ft StarBoy AB” by Moe Money Empire is slightly nostalgic feel to it as the artist reminisces about the good times he had spent partying in the basement back in the day. His music has a strong underground feel to it and the beats, hooks and snares of this particular track will get you wild on the dance floor. The rhythm gets out of control and it makes you want to move with the music. The overall performance in this song is very moving and addictive which will make you come back for more.

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