Grade A Loyalty is a rap duo quickly on the rise out of Atlanta, making waves with their smash hits
“Saucy Down” and “Mafia Love.” With their highly anticipated mixtape “The Dopest Remixes” and
their debut album “Open Season” in the works, they are far from a one hit wonder or slowing down
anytime soon.

SpiritTheMogul is the fiercely talented & creative female rapper/songwriter of the duo with her
widely praised flow, unique style, song concepts, and delivery. She has a distinctive artistic style that
helps her stand out from the crowd, with people often referring to her style as a cross between music
legends Eminem & Left Eye.

GA Champ makes up the other half of Grade A Loyalty, bringing his smooth vocals to serenade the
ladies or his catchy flows and hooks to create a radio hit. His style has often been compared to the
likes of Drake and Young Thug, but with his own special touch and cadence. Champ’s natural talent
to captivate and entertain an audience can surely be found whether he is rapping a verse or singing
the hook.

One thing’s for sure, when these two come together there is nothing that can stand in their way of
being great. Grade A Loyalty is on the fast track to becoming a dominating force in the world of
music and in general!


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