Groove with the Pumping Beats of Guddah’s New Single ‘JugnJelly (Premix)’

If you in love with party music, SoundCloud is the best place to fulfill your desires for this season it has the most trending artist who has bunch of hip hop infused dance music tracks for enthusiast. This perky rap star is Guddah aka Shyyne Guddah from Toronto Canada who is witnessing huge engagement in his profile this summer. He not only possesses an incredible style statement but the true style is in his music which is fun and melodious and best mood setter. Apart from getting good reviews f or each of his compositions, the latest single JugnJelly (Premix)” is the song for this season on the gala. Headover to soundCloud and enjoy a magnetic party ambience with Guddah.

Guddah made his debut with “Do Da Trippy” a dance hall infused rap track that reveals the glitzy music scene of Toronto. Since then Guddah never looked back and continued dropping back to back singles on the gala. Tracks like “Forever” and “JugnJelly” official audio and others too received popularity in the platform. The latest track is the premix version of “JugnaJelly” is creating buzz on different night clubs and pubs. Stay tuned to Guddah’s soundCloud gallery to listen more from him.

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