Groove with the Zesty Beats of HipHop Singles by Rap Duo SinerCliqueRec

Cutting edge rapping style, groovy beats and excellent co-ordination are not enough terms to define SinerCliqueRec, the Miami based hip hop and rap duo on SoundCloud. The two wings of the label Steez and TKO are individually talented and possess all the skills required to be a true star in the hip hop zone. Both the artists raps like a pro, creates music that has the most trending beats and performs like iconic hip hop artists. Since they have appeared on the SoundCloud gala with “Texas OT”, they are witnessing huge popularity and their fan list is increasing by numbers every moment.

Based on beach city Miami, all the tracks of SinerCliqueRec are created with the motive to spread party vibes. The duo Steez and TKO has already gained huge female fan following with their killer look and perfect attitude. The tracks that has formed their base on the hip hop zone are “Miles Away”, the hot new single blended with contemporary hip hop elements, “1818 (Intro), the new wave hip hop track by Steez and also the others. Their debut track “One More” clearly proves that they are soon going to be on the top.

To check out the songs of SinerCliqueRec, visit the given link:

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