Jay Blaze (@iamJayBlaze) - Pu$$y Real Good (Salt N' Pepa "Push It")


Salt & Pepa have enjoyed an amazing career resurgence of late between the Geico commericals and Mike Tyson's hilarious lyrca-clad performance on Lip Sync Battle last week. Jay Blaze's new interpolation of their classic, "Push It", delivered with a very Tone Locesque attitude however will ensure you will never be able to get the song out of your head. "P*$$y Real Good" (YES! There's a clean version) finds our intrepid hero experiencing a night that most definitely should stay in Vegas. It's probably NSFW though so it's best viewed on your phone wherever you hide to smoke that afternoon blunt......... the song is available on Jay Blaze's EP #HaterzStayBack: SuccessIsTheBestRevenge on his website and DatPiff.

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