Jay Givenchy, a promising young artist from Broward County Florida. He is a rapper, singer and songwriter who is widely known for his melodic flow and catchy punchlines. His biggest musical influence is the late Notorious B.I.G best known as "Biggie Smalls". Jay Givenchy has been around music his entire life. As a child, his older brother (who at the time was an aspiring artist) would always challenge him to "bust a rhyme" and it eventually stuck with him. He picked up on it blooming into the artist he is today. Unfortunately, as a juvenile he built an extensive rap sheet that would hinder his music career for a few years due to incarceration. His music is unlike the average Hip-Hip rapper. He is a true artist due to his versatility and his lyricism and is already making heads turn in the industry. He shows his range in singles “Understand” and his newest release “Toxic”, but his debut single “Through The Storm” Depicts life while behind bars. He is currently releasing singles to build anticipation for his coming projects. He is most known for his viral instagram freestyles that have gained notoriety from artists like Chris Brown, Lil Baby and YFN Lucci. Keep watch for Jay Givenchy because he is certain to make an introduction.

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