Jonathan Burkett Making A Unbeatable Fans On His Latest Hiphop Music

Jonathan Burkett is an innovative artist hailing from South Florida. His style is a distinct mix of hip-hop, R&B, and pop infusions. He is inspiring a new movement, bringing meaning back into music while entertaining fans with relevant content. Destined to alter the current state of hip-hop as we know it and raise the bar for independent artists in a competitive soundscape, John Blake is a true contender taking it from the streets and hitting close to home.

Songwriter and recording artist Jonathan Burkett  joined forces with Polanca to deliver another earth moving track called “Changes”, a song that is emotionally stirring and inspiring by all accounts. The latest from a series of singles dropped, Jonathan Burkett selflessly opens his heart to the world once again evoking power through music.

“Changes” is a powerful song that is capable touching of a multitude of individuals from various walks of life. The song is an easy listen with a flavor reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s before commercial hip-hop ventured slightly away from socially conscious productions. Jonathan Burkett delivers flawless bars and pertinent lyrical content while Polanca connects the verses with a contemporary R&B hook. From a motivating stance, the song is possibly one of the most inspirational collaborations of the year.

It is evident that Jonathan Burkett is on a mission and is making moves with his music which never fails to deliver. “Changes” is a sleek production with exceptional vocal and sound quality. Burkett’s songwriting is virtually unrivaled when considering the current plight of the independent artist and the lack of original content distributed to the masses. The intent and purpose behind Burkett’s music is not only placing him among the most sought after artists of today but it is changing lives one by one.

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