With all odds against you, back against the wall. The prize in eye sight and nothing but obstacles in your way, whether it’s finances, people, or other burdens trying to stop you from reaching your goals. Fighting your way out is all you can do to achieve it. In this song Juliu$ is doing just that! https://www.facebook.com/julius915/videos/1663817270322017/

Describing motivation is difficult without mentioning Juliu$, an up and coming artist hailing from El Paso Texas. He also lived in New Mexico. Lyrically versatile, most say that his style is old school with a new flavor mix. Listening to a variety of rap and hip hop really sparked his interest in creating his own music. Taking his music serious he took his talents to Phoenix AZ to become an audio engineer. Today he is building his Label I-10 Connect Entertainment LLC creating mixtapes and working on albums. Motivating the masses to get money, stay positive, and succeed in life, all while he expresses his trials and tribulations through his music. “Chase goals, not dreams because dreams come to those who sleep” is his motto he continues to live by.

Twitter, IG, FB: @jullius915

SoundCloud: Www.SoundCloud.com/julius915 

Email: I10connectentertainment@gmail.com

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