KountyBoy Solo – "The Difference"

Naturally gifted and blessed with the ability to rhyme and tell compelling stories in his music, KountyBoy Solo is the definition of a complete artist. The only child of Military parents, Solo traveled not only the United States but the world throughout his childhood. This early travel exposed him to different genres and styles of music which he now realizes was vital in his development into the artist he is today. 

Oddly enough, Solo never wrote a single verse until November 2011 after being inspired by Drake's "Take Care" LP. That is when he as well as the people around him realized the talent he had for expressing feelings and evoking emotion through his music.

KountyBoy Solo's unique ability to make thought provoking music, as well as comtemporary Top 40 hits allows people to see how well rounded of a person he is outside of music, as well as how eclectic he is with music:

"I want to be viewed as not only a complete artist but a complete person, and I think people will take notice of that by seeing how diverse my music is."

Often compared to the likes of J. Cole and Big Sean, Solo is determined to make his own lane in entertainment, becoming a trendsetter/pioneer in the world of music. With the impending release of his Debut EP titled "The Difference, it is clear that he not only wants to eventually be mentioned as one of the great rappers, but as one of the overall great artist and brands his generation has seen.

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