Lilmiller35 Creates Hypnotic and Mesmerising Hip Hop and Rap Songs

lilmiller35 has recently released some mind-blowing songs in the music haven of Soundcloud. His songs have a thoughtful vibe that drives fans towards his music. The colourful musicality of the songs deals with undeniable tunes. The vocals accompanying the touch of melody are considerate with conscious rap performances. Lilmiller35 has songs that have a live element with a real-time performance with a spoken word flow. The flow of the verses has an effective hook which comes in bits and pieces. The fans are really appreciating his songs as they have an unquestionable realness and honesty. This young rapper is really trying to make it big in the music industry.

His songs have a magnetic quality with a superb vocal to go with it. The best part is its ambiance that is distant and dreamlike. The hip hop and rap songs are super captivating with mellow voices that really draw in the fans. Songs like – “One Day”, “Wasn’t Random”, “Keep it G”, “Way Up”, “F being basic”, “Beating the odds” and many more are available on Soundcloud. So, if you really want to enjoy his music, follow Lilmiller35 on Soundcloud.

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