Listen to ‘I Got This’ - an Inspiring Musical Mix By Nathan Conniry

Nathan Conniry is a fresh new music artist from Portland, Oregon in United States. He specializes in all kinds of music genres. He expresses himself through his own brand of music. His latest songs have strong themes about romance and religion. He has been writing songs and performing onstage since he was 19 years old. He has combining his passion and real life experiences since then.

This young hip hop singer Nathan Conniry aspires to gain more fame and prominence in the music industry. His latest song “I Got This” focuses on his amazing optimism and honesty. His songs are based on passion for Taylor Swift as well as intense devotion for God. His music “I Got This” is a perfect blend of uplifting beats and deep lyricism. His other songs are comprised of strong and emotional words. This emotional and ambitious artist is all set to rock the world through his songs.

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