Listen to “If” – the Alt Rock Love Ballad to Understand Your Lover in a Better Way

CP aka Chris Parker is a sound engineer as well and also an accomplished entrepreneur dealing with hardware and software products who is successful in his ventures.

Cp is also a successful musician who is mainly into technologies, but has tried his luck with alt rock music as well. Earlier, he used to work in his brother’s jazz studio and produced bands for his brother’s Northport rock label. His song – “If” has an infectious hook with a memorable melody and a captivating soundscape.

This love ballad has effective vocals that touch your soul in all the right places. Once you start listening to it, you wouldn’t be able to stop. It has an intriguing rhythm with relevance of sounds that are totally organic. The melodies, riffs and raw instrumentation will most definitely touch your heart. Once you adjust to the alt rock rhythm – it will stay with you for a long time.

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