Listen to the Incredible Hit Playlist of ‘Barabass & Friends Vol. 1’ on Soundcloud

‘Barabass & Friends Vol. 1’ by Barabass Records is an amazing EDM playlist on Soundcloud. The tracks are balanced with perfect professionalism and sheer creativity that is necessary to craft a great soundscape. This playlist feels ambient with waves of synths and dashes of distant melodies that linger around the listeners for a long time. The tracks are meditative and explode continually with character and energy. All the songs are masterfully crafted yet freely structured to keep the audiences on their toes. To keep things interesting, the tracks also has memorable riffs that surrounds the audiences with additional EDM music.

The structure of the songs is unquestionable with a peaceful intro that is reflective and calming. Yet the songs are filled with complex tunes with an increased detail, which is fresh and new. In the over-flowing world of music the songs are suited brilliantly. ‘Barabass & Friends Vol. 1’ has some unique songs that are fantastically suited. There are some interesting tracks comprising of beautiful EDM tunes. Listen to the songs in the playlist – Narkalix – Get Freaky’, ‘Soleima – Mascarade’, ‘Vinny V – Basic B*tches’, ‘Deadcake – OMG!

Also, to know more about Barabass Records, connect and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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