Listen to Versityle aka Psychonite’s Superb Hip Hop and Rap Songs on Soundcloud

The tracks by the artist Versityle aka Psychonite on Soundcloud are better than one another. It offers a rhythmic hip hop touch to the listeners. It has an original and unusual personality that is absolutely captivating. If you are a huge fan of hip hop and rap, you must listen to this artist as his style and delivery are mind-blowing. The songs represent the modern hip hop concept in about every possible way. Not even for one moment it fails to lose your attention and offers you a satisfying music scenario. The music will definitely have a strong influence on the listeners.

Versityle aka Psychonite started making music after the death of his grandmother. He turned his heartache into lyrics and rhymes to ease the pain. The writing style and thoughts are what set him apart from others. His music serves as a lyrical session that engages his audiences and mixes the real life experiences to create music. The tone of his music offers his message loud and clear to fans. Currently, his new single ‘FckU’ is available on Google Play and iTunes. Fans can also listen to songs, like – ‘All Night’, ‘Let It Go’, ‘RunAway From You’, ‘Look Into My Eyes’, ‘Smooth Criminal’ and many more only on Soundcloud.

Fans can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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