Meet Precious Owens AKA Ms.P / Ceo/President OF @ntunedshow

Ms. P here taking a brief moment to let you know that you can make a difference. It's a simple yet powerful belief held firm by each and every dedicated person who are changing the world. Let's stay driven by the need to fix a problem or promote a cause that has deep personal meaning. I'm a woman on a mission who isn't accepting no excuses or limitations. The theme behind what I do is to set aside race, sexual orientation, class, and gender as a interlocking systems of oppression.

To unite the individual experience of every beautiful shade of color—African Americans, Latino/Latinas, Native Americans, European and Asian Americans. Contributing discussions on social conditions that simultaneously oppress our everyday lives, our culture and lifestyle. Let's take the time to learn from one another through communication and a open-heart. Let's share our god given talents to empower others through there journey's on how to advance whether its through ones career and or skills. Let's work on self and focus on opening locked doors!

I wanted to form connections and friendships based on genuine love, support and expression. Together we are powerful taking our creative destinies into our own hands so that we can better the world around us. Thus, my view was born and it is only through your helpful contributions that we will continue to grow and prosper.


My quote, and one to live by for sure!

What's bigger than the support of another? NOTHING!

What two things are bigger than the PAST? The PRESENT & The FUTURE! Learn to leave the past where it is, by moving beyond the PRESENT into the FUTURE in order to obtain PEACE OF MIND AND SUCCESS!

To Love, Lasting Frienship & Success,

Precious Owens AKA Ms.P



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