Newbie QuonMusic proudly Releases His New Single on soundcloud

QuonMusic masters over Southern hip hop styles and west coast rapping. The track “Shining” is an exemplary track blended with the bizarre dirty south elements. Other tracks like “Fan Clean Master 01”, “I want It all”, has also been liked by global music fans.

Stream: "Shining" by QuonMusic


Quon Music offers unique approach to hip hop music with his super cool lyrics and beats. If you find yourself lost in his music, don’t be surprised! This artist is known to make time stop with his music and gripping approach to hip hop and rap. The captivating flow of his music offers a trippy situation to fans with beats that are up and down. When things are calm and quiet, groove it up with from Quon Music. This artist offers a blissful concept of strong hooks, drum beats, engrossing guitar riffs and bass. The songs are overly cool and the new generation would be able to relate with him.

The final appeal to all the songs is added through the artist’s voice. He has created a sense of identity with his hip hop songs and makes absolutely exciting music. All the tracks are free from influence and enhance thoughtfulness amongst fans.





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