Born and raised from the dirty streets of Highlands County, Fl which consists of Avon Park, Sebring and Lake Placid, Nick Bean is one of the last of a dying breed. Lil Bean (as he was known in his hometown) was straight outta Lake Lotela apt complex where he was first introduced to the street life. His  hard working mother strived to get him and his siblings out of the gutta, she went to night school and worked full time. 

By the time he was in his early teens his father Big Bean wasn't around as much, as you know that meant it was easy access to the streets. The streets can turn you into a man fast. So Lil Bean transformed into Nick Bean at the early age of 16. Running from the law led him to Tampa, FL where it eventually caught up with him. He did his short bid and had a different plan for when he got out. Teaming up with best friend Todd Jones from Sarasota, FL they decided to start their own record label. Meeting with entertainment lawyer Shelly Eddie, they made it happen and never looked back.

Nick Bean is an artist/producer who’s style is like a melting pot. Raised in central Florida but also finding influence's from summers spent in Ft Lauderdale/Lauderdale Lakes, and Lauderhill neighborhoods.  The famous fleamarkets Oakland Park and Lauderhill Flea are known for the world famous Jam Pony Express tapes and cds. Nick Bean also had influences from Pensacola where that region of Florida is a much different feel than other parts of Florida. Last but not least he spent years in Houston,Tx where he stayed in-between the neighborhoods of Clover Land and Hirams Clarke right around the corner from the old Dj Screw shop where he meet Mr 32.

He was touched by the Screwed Up sound. Putting all these different flavors together is the reason Nick Bean can’t be put in a box as an artist/producer. This makes him versatile, and the music industry needs that. Nick Bean and Knock Em Off Records is a force to be reckoned with. Shhhhh… we come!

Artist: Nick Bean

Genre: Hip Hop/R&B

Titles: Artist/Producer/CEO

Label: Knock Em Off Records LLC 


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