NOA|AON Is Back Again With A New Electrifying Track ‘NOAMOVEMENT Vol.13’

Multi-talented music artist NOA|AON is back with another magical track “NOAMOVEMENT Vol.13 (Deep House Edition)”. This unbelievably capable artist born in Europe is also an entrepreneur, public speaker and a philanthropist has dedicated his life to produce funky and incredibly inspiring progressive and transformative music which offers a life changing experience. In our fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, NOA|AON attempts to bring some semblance of positivity and mindfulness through his relaxing EDM mixes. His music represents his concepts and ideals he has towards his life. His music has brought many significant changes in the lives of those who listen to his music religiously.

NOA|AON’s latest single “NOAMOVEMENT Vol.13 (Deep House Edition)” is a great example of soothing transcendental musicality. This track is unbelievably melodic and consists of a distinctive set of riffs and synths accompanied by a string of trance-inducing audio snippets which drive the mood and sentiment of this delightful track. The colorful and vibrant beats and rhythms have a touch of unpredictability and intense energy. The intricately details and precision in use of lyrics and instrumentations are the main features of this song. His music really rejuvenates you and connects with you on a deep level.

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