Postal Worker G8toron’s Podcasts Inspire and Move People

G8toron, a brave and feisty mail handler as well as public speaker, revolts against bullying in their workplace. His famous podcasts known as Postal Views have shed some light on how women and men, who works in the post office, are usually treated by their superiors. G8toron, who is a mail handler himself, decides to step up and fight back against the abuse that has been plaguing them in their professional life.

He portrays perfectly the growing and collective spirit of unrest and dissatisfaction among the post office workers all over United States of America. The podcasts of this artist are full of funky beats which will get you hooked. His clever and innovative way of getting his message across is unbelievable. His unique and exceptional podcasts in Soundcloud like “Postal Views Podcast #79(USPS Dark Leadership)” and “Postal Views Podcast #78(USPS Community Blues)” are getting massive views and popularity worldwide.

Listen to other podcast track by simply going through the link :

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