Prince Marley - "Ruff Times" ft. Stackz

Born in Brooklyn, NY Prince moved around to many different states in his early life. After Leaving New York, his family moved to Florida to be with his dad, and they eventually ended it up living in a homeless shelter. From Florida, Prince and his family moved back to New York, and by the Age of 12 they had moved to Roanoke, Va.  Prince and his family thought that the small town of Roanoke, VA was miles away from the hood, until one day he saw an eviction notice on his door, which turned him to the streets and into a hustler.

Prince had to grow up at an early age. At the age of 13 he caught his first illegal substance charge, and did 3 months.  From then on, it was in and out of juvenile detention centers. All of his trials and tribulations served a purpose. His risk were for his family. Eventually, Prince would do another year in jail and would gain a lot of knowledge from a Lifer who put the street life into perspective for him. From the subject of making money, to making smarter decisions in life.

Prince always felt like a loner in his environment which always made him think for himself and not expect help from anyone. Losing his mother to the Penitentiary, and having his first son at 19 made Prince Hustle harder, which led him to catching a trafficking case.  Around the time of the case, Prince was having not only having his second child, but his third. He wasn’t too concerned with the outcome of the case, he thought he would do some years, but end up beating the case.


From learning from his mistakes, Prince learned how to maneuver through the streets very well. His past mistakes would only serve as lessons of what not to do. Having three kids, and another one on the way; loving high end fashion, expensive cars, and expensive weed motivated him to get even more money. At the same time his childhood friend Oshay aka G-Code had just came home and started rapping. Prince, having a love for music would give Oshay input on what’s hot and what’s not, until one day Oshay convinced him to start rapping.

Realizing that he was actually good at making music, Prince decided to make his own music lane to add to Oshay’s vision and take their music global. That’s when he came up with his “My Overnight Idea,” mixtape series. Releasing his first mixtape “My Overnight Idea: The Pre warning” in April of 2012, and his second mixtape “My overnight Idea: The warning” in November of 2012. Prince was set to release his Official” My Overnight Idea” mixtape hosted by DJ Don Cannon, but as history repeats itself legal issues came up.

Oshay and Prince’s dream of creating a global movement was cut short when Oshay caught a case and got 25 years. Prince had seen other people catch cases and get heartbreaking sentences, but he didn’t think it could happen so close to home.

With his friends catching cases Prince new that he had find another way to live, and decided to take this new art form of music serious. Creating a brand call Marley Life, which represents being yourself, making sacrifices for progression, loyalty, and love. Prince took his belongings and moved to Atlanta to pursue his dream. Prince is ready to tell the world his story and motivate the people. 

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