Project Playlist’s ‘Up Next’ Brings Refreshing New Hip Hop and Rap Beats

Project Playlist’s brand new single “Up next” offers a new spin on hip hop and rap music genre. It is a perfect combination of originality, creativity and individuality. He displays the epic skill of bringing two different music genres together and creating musical masterpiece. His music contains all the necessary elements of hip hop and rap music. It gets you in a party mood. If you are a huge fan of new and unique hip hop and rap blends, you must not miss listening to this music artist’s songs. He has expressed his own ideas and concepts through his music.

His music represents the essential element of inspiration and motivation. It portrays the underlying sentiment and the story which has led him to this point of the artist’s life. This particular song possesses the passion and epic emotional depth of songwriting. The strong vocal performance, eclectic beats and snares create an ambience which create an immersive and engaging experience. This song throws out celebratory and laid-back vibes which lead you into a moment of escapism. Project Playlist’s latest single “Up Next” gets you addicted and stays in your heart and soul for a long time.

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