Randal Lee Richards’s Country Music Creates History

Music artist and songwriter named Randall Lee Richards from Nashville, United States, has given a new meaning to country music. He offers the perfect specimen of country music. He made his mark in the music industry when he was just 12 years old, and he did not have to look back since then. His talent catapulted him to fame very quickly and he started to work with famous labels like EMI and Sony Music. He even boasts of being mentored by the great legends of music industry like Neil Diamonds, Charlie Daniels and Elton John.

This sensational music artist has drawn quite a lot of attention through his country music. His music is lucid, airy and possesses great positive vibes. His music is heart-warming, intense and melodious. His songs are honest and endearing, full of powerful hooks. His music is perfectly structured, well-executed and possess perfect harmonization of instrumentations.

His songs “While You Were Sleeping” and “I Can’t Remember to Forget You” convey intense feelings of love and sensuality. The utmost dedication, raw desire and his feelings and emotions are deeply embedded throughout his songs. The melodies of his songs are infectious and will get you addicted.

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