Rap Genius Shawno’s EP ‘Shawno’ Glorifies Southern Hip Hop Music

Southern hip hop music is one of the most popular styles in the hip hop domain for its a little more vibrant, bold and influencing than other styles. Houston is the hub of southern hip hop for the zone has produced some of the best artists in the industry. This season soundCloud site is witnessing huge popularity in the music gallery of artist Shawno who has recently released his new EP “Shawno” that is loaded with six different singles.

 Shawno’s USP is that his tracks are not only crafted for entertainment but has the ability to do something beyond expression. Be it the track “I Need Money”, “They Not” or Delete Me”, all of the tracks a perfect party bangers with the authentic street style flavors. Other tracks like “100 Bands”, “Bad Girl” and “Drippin” will compel listeners to spend some extra time on the SoundCloud music gallery.  Have a look at his social media sites to stay connected.

Facebook link of the Artist: https://www.facebook.com/ShawnoMusik/

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