Salazar El Tabaquero - "Gangsta Lean of My Block"

Coming live from the 305 Carol City, Florida to be exact. Currently the #1 artist on Reverbnation out of Miami, Florida Salazar is known to deliver wicked flows in the Spanish Hip hop/Latin Trap scene. Now it looks like Salazar is at it again folks! Only this time with a different approach as he debuts his english single “Gangsta Lean of my Block” prod by 305Los directed by Sofla for BST Media.

This action packed live bright vivid clip is nothing short of action story thriller. The concept is actually quite refreshing. Salazar which is currently the face of the brand “Soy Trapero” which is is a Spanish slang term for “I Trap or Trapping” is now coming out with a conglomerate for all latinos to look out for called “Chico Mobb” when asked what Chico Mobb was about in a recent interview Salazar replied” It’s a conglomerate for any latino/latin american entrepreneur using art or any platform to excel and level up through his or her art. It’s def a positive movement and you can be on the look out for the single “Chico Mobb” prod Miami Beatwave which will feature 4 of Miami’s top talented and upcoming rappers repping the conglomerate/brand. Stay tuned for that street single as the official launch for “Chico Mobb”




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