Singer MAFIAMONEYMUSIC Comes With His New Hip Hop Track "Dancing Like My Diamonds"

Yung Luciano, better known as Mafia. He is not only into making hip hop tracks, he also covers trap, rhythm and blues. His recent hip hop track, “Dancing Like My Diamonds”, is a perfect fit for the commercial pop culture, uploaded on Soundcloud for you.Now, talking from that aspect, hip hop and rap has a whole different in a human’s life. Not only because it is the most popular genre worldwide, but because it spreads a menaing to everyone. This genre has become a pre dominant one in the pop culture. From a cultural movement, hip hop has elevated itself to a commercial level. New aspiring artist are making this genre complete with theoir awesome tracks. Mafia is such an artist.

Ohio Mafia Slade emerged from the streets of Columbus. At the age of 16, he appeared on stage with the stage name Yung Luciano and rocked the musical world. with time Luciano was turned into today’s star Mafia with club bangers and catchy melodies. the recent instance of such of his music is “Dancing Like My Diamonds”. This track is just a party banger forcing you to groove with it. the mix is so perfect that you wont be able to mark any flaw in the entire number. “Dancing Like My Diamonds” can make you addiucted towards listening to the song again and again.

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