So you think you’re professional?

So I have been online promoting for quite a while now, and it seems as though people really don’t like to be corrected when doing things online. People always seem to think you are being rude, mean or a hater, which is very funny to me because if you will not listen and learn, how will you make it if you are really serious about pursuing this as a career.

Face book

When people walls are disabled on face book that means you are not allowed posting a link on their page. That does not mean that you should go up under one of their statuses or posts, and paste your links, that is very rude. It’s very unprofessional, especially when it has nothing to do with the original post or status that they put up. Most DJ’s, radio show host, artist bloggers that I know never pays attention or listen to your music simply by the way you approach them with it. They simply delete it off their pages and move on. That’s one of the many reasons the wall is closed. If you really want someone to check out your music, simply inbox them introducing yourself , then ask them politely when they have time if they can check out the video or song you’ve sent them and let you know what they think. Also always thank them for taking the time to read your message. How hard is that? Not hard at all but a lot of these so called artists don’t have respect or even know what professionalism is. I know everyone wants to do things their own way but take the time to listen and learn once in a while it gets you far in your career if you are serious about it. Last but not least do not tag someone to your music that you don’t talk to on a regular basis without their permission. Business wise, there is a proper way that you have to approach people for them to check out your material, especially as a new artist or relatively unknown artist. If you approach people the proper way, they might check it out and post it on their wall themselves. Tagging people you do not know is not a smart way to get their attention. Personally if I do not talk to you on a regular basis, no matter whether its business or personal you should not tag me in anything on face book that has nothing to do with me without my permission first. Just because we might know some of the same people doesn’t mean I know you, and if I cannot actually say I have had a conversation with you, then why would I accept you tagging my name in something just to get my attention , especially when it has nothing to do with me. You have to sometimes think before you just go and do. A lot of people don’t like that forced “promotion” and I don’t either so you are risking your links or yourself to be deleted or removed from my page and maybe others.

Face book Groups

There is so much I can say about this and I will. Let me start off by saying again, pasting your links up under a person’s status is very rude. It’s cool when someone posts a video to their page and you decide to leave a comment stating how much you like the video. That’s great, but pasting your video links or music links right up under their video is not a good way to promote your material, it’s actually annoying. You know that the group is there for you to promote your music and you can post your videos or music links up just like that person did. Just don’t paste your links in the comment section of their initial post. I’m pretty sure your music or video has nothing to do with theirs so respect everybody’s space. That tactic right there will make a person not even pay any attention to you at all because of the way you approached them. Let’s not even get started on these groups that practically demand you add people just so they can brag on how many members the group has. I’m all for groups growing, but let it happen naturally don’t demand a person add a certain number of people or get deleted. When I get demands like that from groups I really just delete myself, it’s not that serious. Some of these face book groups are out of control with all these rules and demands. I mean wow relax, aren’t we just suppose to be networking in a positive environment? A lot of the owners of these groups are very disrespectful as well. You can’t talk to people any way you want , but then expect them to add people and do this and that for the group, “yeah rightttt”, good luck in life that’s all I have to say. Having fun, listening to music, and supporting each other’s music and business, that’s what I thought these groups on face book were suppose to be about, not all these silly demands, rules and unnecessary crap that I see going on. Well to each his own I’m going to stay with the groups I’m already with, and soon as something unnecessary goes down I will delete myself. I know lots of people do not like being added to face book groups, so you owners or moderators might want to chill and think about some of the demands and rules you put into place.


As far as twitter goes, you should never and I repeat never @(mention) a person you don’t know with a video or music link. Those people do not know you, especially if they are real busy business people and are actually working or networking. That’s what dm’s (direct messages) are for, once again politely introduce yourself, let them know you would like them to check out your music or video when they have time. Also leave your contact info and move on, don’t stalk their timeline that will make them ignore you all together or put you on a “blacklist”.

Most people I know in the business are very busy, and most of the time your mentions about your music really does get lost in what my friend calls “the lost tweets”. There is always a way to do things, just do it correctly so you will not feel like you online wasting your time. Remember you should always approach people in a professional manner if you want your craft to get real positive attention.


(Lady G Promotions Tumblr)

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