My name is T.Savvy. Hip hop recording/ performing artist born and raised in the great place of Los Angeles,Ca. Music for me is everything you can think of. My life wasn't hard growing up. I just grew up with the type of guidance that had me doing things that had me struggling more than I needed to. I wasn't in the streets or anything like that. I just wasn't focused on the things I needed to be focused on. I grew up with and have ADHD so my attention span was everywhere. The more I struggled the more dependent I became on music. As an introvert I started to express myself through writing, which gave me the ability to share how I felt. Even if it was just for me and to me, which is exactly how it was then. Recording was discovered and I found my utmost and I mean utmost happy place. I'm the happiest in the booth hands up hands down. Depression does not exist at the studio even if it's a song I'm working on that's emotionally deep on the lyrics. Now I'm here to show you that DREAMS can come true.


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