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Original Title: A Glaring Rivalry

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy
































When Lillie's big brother Gladion arrives on Melemele Island, everyone is excited about the powerful new Trainer in town-particularly Ash, who really wants to battle him! After hearing about Ash's Z-Ring and his battles against Tapu Koko, Gladion agrees to meet up the next morning. The battle is just getting started, with Ash's Rockruff against Gladion's impressive Lycanroc, when Team Rocket swoops in. Gladion and Lycanroc unleash a new Z-Move to send them blasting off again, and Ash is immediately interested in continuing the island challenge so he can get a Rock-type Z-Crystal! School is starting, so the battle is postponed-but it seems Ash has a new rival!


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