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1972 Sports Car racing. From 24hrs of Le Mans to 24hrs at Daytona. Told by drivers Mario Andretti and Vic Elford.
The Speed Merchants is the story of the 1972 manufacturer's Championship Series as told by drivers Mario Andretti (Ferrari 312P) and Vic Elford (Alfa Romeo T33TT/3). The film takes you behind the scenes at Daytona, Sebring, the Targa Florio, the Nurburgring, Le Mans and Watkins Glen, focusing on Mario and Vic, as well as Jacky Ickx, Helmut Marko, and Brian Redman. You visit with the drivers at their homes in France, Belgium, Austria and England where they relax with their families between races. Woven into the film is rare footage of both the Ferrari and Alfa Romeo factories where the cars are prepared before each race.
The Speed Merchants is one of my top three racing films of all time. Simply because its a documentary that pulls no punches and gets to the heart of all aspects of racing. The drivers, their families, the machines and epic circuits. The narration by Mario and Vic is insightful and engaging not to mention the cinematography is wonderful too. Getting to see Jacky Ickx with his lovely wife Kathrine on his new (at the time) home in Belgium was fantastic. Jacky looked so young back then, all of 24 years old and had already won Le Mans! I even liked the funkdafied 70's score in the film, it was great 8-) If you're a casual race fan or a die-hard that hasn't seen this film I highly recommend picking this up. It will give you a real taste of the sport in the 70's, not leaving the newbie behind but not watering it down for the longtime fan.
This could have been a masterpiece of the final years of the Golden Era of sports-car racing, which reached its glorious but all-too-short culmination in the unintended consequences of the FIA/CSI's typically fat-headed re-write, in an effort to reduce speeds (that had been as high as 215-220mph at high-speed tracks like Le Mans, Daytona, and Spa), of the Group 4 Sports Car and Group 6 Prototype homologation rules, due to take effect in 1970. The CSI believed no team would spend the money to build anything but race-modified production sports cars to meet the 25-car minimum necessary for homologation in Group 5.

This supposition blew up in their faces when Porsche, in March 1969, introduced the most outrageous, esoteric, and glorious sports car of its time, and, perhaps, of all time, the pure-racing-car flat-12-cylinder Porsche 917, and they built the 25 necessary. Ferrari had to follow suit to stand any chance of winning anything, and responded with their ALMOST equally fantastic V-12 512S. The two years these cars ran, 1970 and 1971, that passed before the CSI could implement new rules, still stand as the summit of sports car racing. It is these years, and some of 1972, that Keyser attempts to sketch in 1972's "The Speed Merchants."

While the documentary has much to recommend it, including low-key and intelligent narration by two giants of the period, Mario Andretti and Vic Elford, the movie suffers badly from a couple of dated cinematic conventions of the time: choppy, "hip" montage editing that throws narrative continuity out the window, and the dreaded "French Jazz Racing Movie Soundtrack," which is also the curse of McQueen's contemporary, fictional "Le Mans."

No sports car racing fan should be without this movie, but it could have been SO much better, and should have been completely overhauled, adding footage and ditching the dreary music, during its remastering in 1999. Pity.


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