Upcoming Film Smokers To Feature Harmini’s Latest Single “Champion”

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New York native Harmini is the only independent Christian rap artist to be placed in an astonishing 11 movies. His latest single “Champion” will feature in Smokers, an upcoming film produced by Peter Organ and directed by Louis Mandylor. 

Harmini traveled to Switzerland for the filming of his music video to “Champion” and fulfill his acting role in the movie. The film is scheduled to release this year. 

The song draws in listeners with its intense lyrics and catchy and impressive melody. It gives off a vibe of endurance and fortitude. These are both, however, traits of a true champion.  

You can find Harmini on social media below.

Instagram: @Harmini731

Facebook: @Harmini731

Twitter: @Harmini731

YouTube: @Harmini731


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