Xavier The Demon Drops Fire Single "Earth Is Flat"


 Xavier, the Animal, the Rockstar, the Demon. He is a rock-n-roll/edm inspired hip hop artist from New London, CT. Moved to North Carolina at age 15, he became heavily influenced by the battle rap culture from Durham, NC. 

Always facing adversity through a hard upbringing, toxic relationships, and alcohol/drug abuse, Xavier has perservered and reflects his story into his music.
Xavier is the modern day Super Villain. Dawning masks, costumes, exquisite outfits and high-end robes and jewelry, he aims to achieve world peace through aggressive means and taking a stand.
Currently working on an Alice and Wonderland inspired album titled "Alice", he released his top single "Tweedle Dum Dee Dum" and is touring North Carolina performing in several rap battle leagues. 
Latest Release: 
 Earth Is Flat - https://youtu.be/JlUISvVvyfs
Alice, Pt. 1 (The Red Queen's Guard)
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Social Media:
Facebook - Facebook.com/XavierOffixial
IG - Instagram.com/XavierOffixial
SnapChat - @XavierJukebox
 Contact Info - noahmanxx117@gmail.com

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