ZAYMAN brings us his kush cultured ways


With a Hustler's mindset, get rich or die trying attitude, and kush cultured ways, Zayman delivers us tales about street life and hustling over trap melodies that appear on fire. 
Zayman was born in Hollywood, Florida, and discovered his love for music at an early age as a child. After he finished school he started writing music and realized that this was his passion. Zayman was very creative with words, flowing freely and always stayed writing new songs. 

After being acquitted of charges in 2012, Zayman turned back to music. The Studio life was his love and Kush was his love affair, so naturally he opened his own label called Kush Gang Entertainment in February of 2014 and launched Kush Gang Clothing at the end of the same year.

Zayman has toured all over the East Coast pursuing his music career and promoting his brand. His new EP “Quarantined” dropped respectfully on 4/20 and easily did a 100k+ streams in a month. Zayman has the midas touch fer sure and the fans love gold! Waisting no time he released more verbal magic and he's now back with another tape called “Gas Station”


“Gas Station”





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