Drugs is the latest single released by recording artist Kiante Robinson from his upcoming project expected to be released in the next month.
Watch the Drugs music video on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSQbM01R23E
Born and raised in the Bronx section of New York, Kiante Robinson (21) is a upcoming music artist who expresses his rough upbringings and minor downfalls through his music. He always felt like such an outcast amongst peers and was often times told he wouldn't achieve his musical goals.
Using his past experiences as lessons to achieve greatness as well as delivering a ball of inspiration to those who may feel they are in similar situations, Kiante attempts to bring hope to the youth by giving them the motivation to chase their biggest dreams even after being doubted.
Starting to pursue music at such a young age as well as gaining experience by performing in front of his public community, Kiante is prepared to leave his footprints in the sand as he has released his debut mixtape "Love For Rap/Rap For Love" on November 28th 2016. The two lead singles "Greatest Of My Time" & "Poetry" is proof that Kiante is ready to shape the music game and they also display his originality as a artist.
Kiante has already done multiple shows to further promote his music and his sound is often times compared to J.Cole, as well as many of other great lyrical artist.
Releasing his debut music video "Willing" on VEVO in March,Kiante hasn't stopped progressing as a artist on the rise accumulating over 8 million plays on his soundcloud account. Kiante is also utilizing the support of web blogs and his highly noted social media presence to expand his music. Continuing to reach milestones and gain popularity, Kiante Robinson is on his way up and it's hard not to sit back and watch the young man do his thing on the microphone. Music with substance and value is missing, and Kiante has it.
You can find music by Kiante Robinson on all major music platforms and be sure to check out his debut project "Love For Rap / Rap For Love".
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